Polish women are well known for their remarkably good looks and Anna is no exception. The 20 year old maintains her lithe frame having had professional training as a ballroom (i.e. samba, cha-cha, salsa, rumba, woltz, quickstep) and hip-hop dancer for a total of 4 years. “As a result, the music and movement is still inside me. On the set, I have very natural instincts on how to pose and realise the team ideas,” she quips. Read more

ARCHIVE, a concept store conceived by Lauren Urquhart and Maya Webb, is one of the most exciting new developments in Melbourne’s consignment culture. It is located on the fifth floor of the iconic Mitchell House, an art deco building whose quiet charm is buried in the gathering commotion of the city. We recently paid a visit to ARCHIVE and spoke to Urquhart about the inspiration behind the store, the mystic power of second-hand clothes, and how she plans to expand the business. Read more

18 year old exquisite beauty, Daphne Simons, was first scouted in H&M by Models Rock Agency founder, Natascha Scheffers. With her tall athletic frame, angled brows and inquisitive demeanour, Daphne is set to take over the modelling world in seasons to come. Read more